The Arcane Dragonry

5th August 2016


Humans can be very knowledgeable. They have libraries scattered all over their settlements, and the most amazing thing is that pretty much any individual can just walk in, talk to the keepers and access all of those tomes. It’s so wonderful! When I go back home, I need to try and convince the elders to create a record book for visitors and allow anyone to access our libraries as well. It works in a very different way, and only scholars can enjoy the gift of knowledge. They are also in charge of writing everything that transpired, where as here, any human can write a book and become famous.

While waiting for the two hand-crafted oak shields that I ordered, I started working on the structural parts of the trophies. I started by making big newspaper pieces that would be covered in many a layer of newspaper strips dipped in a mix of PVA glue and simple flour. After doing something in between 8 to 10 layers, they were left to dry for a few days on a rack in front of a dehumidifier. When they became rock solid, I cut them open (the ends for neck pieces and across horizontally for head pieces), and emptied them, leaving a hollow but very sturdy frame.

I also made a few spare pieces, just in case.


(Note Dan Reeder’s “Paper Mache Dragons” in the background. Such an inspiring human!)


An old steel dragon hailing from another plane. She's been living among humans for a while now, learning about them and using her artistic talent to make recreations of relevant draconic figures from her homeland. Her aim is to teach humans about her kin and learn about them in return.


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