The Arcane Dragonry

10th August 2016

Wrapping up

Do you know about cat whisker stress? I didn’t until recently. Apparently, it’s quite common for domestic cats to develop it when you feed them in a bowl. Their whiskers will touch the borders of the bowl and that will annoy them to a point where they get stressed. If your cat takes the food out of the bowl, just to drop it and eat it outside, chances are the tall sides of your bowl are bugging the heck out of them. In this case, you should try feeding them from a plate or a flat mat that you can wipe or something.

Anyway, you know what bugs me? When tape doesn’t stay stuck to where it should. That’s why I decided to give Kaltakess a single layer of paper mache all over, because some bits and corners of tape wouldn’t stay put.

I also protected the whole shield with plastic, so I wouldn’t ruin it with glue or paint.


As you can see, I also added a bit of gluey cloth to the corners of the mouth to mimic the membrane that goes there. After this, I made holes for the spikes where more membrane would go and glued them in place once I found the right position for them. Everything is ready now to start adding the skin! So sorry about the blurriness of the picture below. I need to get a better camera, but I also need to take better pictures!



An old steel dragon hailing from another plane. She's been living among humans for a while now, learning about them and using her artistic talent to make recreations of relevant draconic figures from her homeland. Her aim is to teach humans about her kin and learn about them in return.


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