The Arcane Dragonry

17th August 2016


At some point in history, humans chose electricity as one of their main sources of power, and they’ve developed all sorts of digital devices that can do a plethora of things. It’s quite amazing, because all it requires from the user is to know how to use them. It’s not anything like magic, where you have to channel your own and/or borrowed vital essence. It can be quite taxing, actually. A few selected ones can use these powers from birth, but most with potential will have to study magic in order to be proficient at it. Now, humans are much more of a social being than most dragonkin (if not all), and nowadays they use electricity to improve communication between them to make up for the lack of telepathy. Of course, I’m talking about social media and chat software. Some people seem to be all into those, but others are more reluctant to use them. Apparently, the humans who run those utilities can be prone to greed and/or corruption, and thus, some people are reluctant to become users because they’re afraid their personal data will be stolen and sold for profit at their backs. Others just don’t like the idea of everyone they know learning about their routines and activities. A modern problem has arisen now among very active social media users where they feel the need of posting their “perfect” lives online, when actually, their lives are far from perfect.

And so I ask, what is it that makes humans so concerned about what others think? Do they feel conditioned or forced to lead what their culture calls a good life, even if that means they’ll be unhappy? Is it because of strong family values that suppress one’s “deviant” desires? Please, do enlighten me.

This week I’ve been working on a commission. The name of the dragon is Danorethos, but even though I don’t really know him personally, he sounds like an awe-inspiring individual. A middle-aged formidable male, patient and quiet, but ruthless and brutal when angered.

So below you’ll see the bumpy horns shaped, baked and aged, and then the steps where I put the core pieces together, bound them to the shield as usual and started to add features. Note how this time I decided to put most of the shield wire inside of the neck (before attaching the head in order to secure everything together). Also, the red circles painted on him in the last picture are where they horns will go. His mouth is shut, so I had to leave enough space between the lips to add them later.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress!







An old steel dragon hailing from another plane. She's been living among humans for a while now, learning about them and using her artistic talent to make recreations of relevant draconic figures from her homeland. Her aim is to teach humans about her kin and learn about them in return.


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