The Arcane Dragonry

28th June 2017


Hello hello! No, I haven’t painted Evakyl yet, but no one has bought it either. In the meantime, I’ll show you how I made the shield for the next dragon (which has been decided and I’ll be announcing it very soon!). It’s not going to be a long post, pictures are pretty self-explanatory, really. Basically, because of two bad experiences with the last two shields I ordered, I decided to get some equipment to try and make my own. I’m not unfamiliar with carpentry, so I just had to buy a router and little else. I’ve had a small stack of very hard red wood shelves for some time, and I thought I’d try and make shields with those. It was very tough to saw, and even moreso to route. The wood was so hard, it tended to burn very quickly, so I had to work very slowly. I’m glad I got some really high quality stuff though, I don’t think cheap alternatives would have cut it for this.

Now, I’m not sure what kind of wood it is exactly. I thought it was some sort of hard wood conifer because of the small pinhole knots, but once I sanded it thoroughly, I realised it was red wood. As you can see in the pictures,  it’s a pale pink timber with very deep red veins… smells lovely too! Perhaps it’s some type of aromatic tropical tree? I really don’t know. But I felt almost guilty for giving it a teak-coloured varnish. It was so nice as it was! Oh well. I think it turned out alright, and the best thing is that it’s bigger than the one’s I’ve been using up until now. There’s been this size limit imposed by the craftsman because of reasons, and I always thought the shields looked a bit too small for the dragon heads. So we will see with this one!






An old steel dragon hailing from another plane. She's been living among humans for a while now, learning about them and using her artistic talent to make recreations of relevant draconic figures from her homeland. Her aim is to teach humans about her kin and learn about them in return.


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