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I’ve compiled a bunch of frequently asked questions in this section. If you still want to ask something, please use this contact form and I will reply and possibly add it here if it’s just a general question.


It depends. A lot. There are a dozen phases when making a trophy, and the time they take depends on the complexity, detail, drying times, and whether or not I have things ready from other projects (teeth, frames, horns, cloth cut to size, etc). The shields are hand-made to order by a craftsman that can be quite busy at times, so sometimes the waiting time can be long and I cannot do anything about it. Normally, an average trophy takes me about four weeks to complete, but I normally work on a few at a time due to the long drying periods of time of a single project. I take pride in my creations because I’m the kind of person that likes to spend as much time as required to do something well done. I just don’t believe in quick, shoddy jobs… so if you want a trophy for someone’s birthday or a specific date, make sure you contact me ahead of time!

Actually, the smaller something is, the more time and effort it requires. So no, it just doesn’t work like that.

That’d be no problem at all! Just contact me and we can talk about the details.

I love experiments! Even though I’m “only” making dragon heads at the moment, I’ve got enough experience to consider many other things, so tell me about your idea and we can discuss how feasible it is.


The head and the shield are bound together by a steel frame that goes across and around both parts and it’s reinforced with a ton of hot glue and tape anyway, so it’s virtually impossible for a dragon head or its pieces to fall off the wooden shield, even if you try pulling it out with strength. A normal dragon head normally weighs something in between 1-1.5 kg /2.2-3.3 lb, and most of their weight is the wooden shield, so it makes them pretty stable against the wall. Even though they’re not that heavy, you should still make sure you hang the trophy from a properly secured hook to be on the safe side. However, something that needs to be taken into consideration is that a dragon head may extend up to 45cm / 18″ from the wall, so it shouldn’t be placed too low on a wall where you could bump your head against it!

No. A trophy is not a toy, it’s a decorative piece of art. If there are young children in your home, make sure you hang your trophy high enough so it’s out of their reach.

The shield I use for most dragons is 27 x 30 cm / 10.6 x 11.8 ” (it’s fully customisable, though), but often times the dragons’ width will be larger, because of the shape and/or the horns. The bigger the dragon, the bigger the cost will be, mostly because of the shipping (courier, custom-made wooden crate, insurance). A dragon head may extend up to 45cm / 18″ from the wall though (or even more if it’s a bigger dragon/shield), so watch where you hang it from!

No. More like the opposite. The base is varnished wood, the head itself is made out of paper, cloth, glue and paint, so everything is flammable. It’s not like it’s going to burst into flames, but keep it safe away from fire.

Yes! I buy the shields from a craftsman, so the range may vary from time to time. If you’d like a specific tone of wood to match your home, send me a message and I will provide you with all of the different kinds of wood and varnishes available to him. Take into account that ordering a shield takes about a week or week and a half that will be added to the waiting time.


Trophies are sent in a double-walled shock-resistant cardboard box reinforced with a 6mm solid wooden panel, where they will be properly secured to and will have plenty of both space and padding on the sides. On top of that, the box itself will be covered with “fragile” stickers on either side and “handle with care” tape. They are packed in a way so the dragon won’t shake and break even if it’s moved around or dropped. Even if something goes terribly wrong and they do receive damage on the delivery, they are insured anyway up to 100 of damage . You can choose to insure it for its full price with Parcelforce at a cost. Normal shipping cost is £12.98, plus a £10 flat rate for the packing. To insure a piece up to £600 of damage or loss with Parcelforce, it would be £19.80, so the grand total would be £42.78 (VAT included). Read more in this link about insurance and prices.

I am based in Glasgow, UK, and normally I ship to mainland Britain (sorry, Channel Islands!). I *could* ship internationally, but the average cost ranges between £80 and £100 without insurance. If you’re OK with that, let me know and we’ll see what we can arrange. If you’d like to check if you can find a courier that delivers to your place and want a quote, the dimension of the parcel is 61cmx61cmx61cm, its real weight is 5kg and its volumetric weight is 45.12kg. Don’t forget the packing fee is £10. Let me know if you find something affordable!

According to UK laws on distance selling, you have 14 days to notify me in case the trophy is faulty and you want to send it back. Then, you’ll have another 14 days to send it to me in the same crate that it was sent on through courier, tracked and signed for (you’ll have to pay for it and show proof of shipping), and then I’d have 14 days to give you the money back. However, this only applies to my own designs (non-commissioned trophies). Custom made trophies are non-returnable. But don’t you worry, I’ll be updating you throughout the process of making it, so I can’t see what could go wrong! Please visit the info section if you want to read more about returns. Also note that Paypal does not cover buyers when it’s about a custom-made item.


It varies a lot. It really does. If you just want a rough idea or you’re just curious on what I charge, you can see the prices of dragons that I’ve already made in the gallery. They range between £450-550 or so, but the price can vary greatly depending on the features you want on it (white/painted, closed/open mouth, lots/few horns, etc). If you want a custom trophy, it’s best to contact me so I can give you an approximate quote.

My preferred method is Paypal because it’s better and safer for everyone, but I also accept bank transfer as long as it’s a Faster Payment Service (sorry, but otherwise I’d be vulnerable to scams -it’s happened before-).

There are a lot of things to take into account. Some materials are more costly than others, some features are harder to do and more time-consuming, etc. I keep track of everything and do a breakdown once I finish a trophy to calculate its price. It works the other way around when I’m commissioned, but I’m quite reasonable… meaning that I’ll be paying for my own mistakes, so that’s not a bad thing for you.

I’m not, so when you buy from me, I won’t be charging you any taxes.


Don’t panic! My trophies are extremely sturdy and hard to break, so the only things that could break if you’re not careful are mostly teeth and horns. You can easily glue them back together with a bit of Super Glue. If the paintwork is damaged, contact me so I can try to guide you through the repairs.

It should be OK if a bit of water is spilled on the dragon. However, don’t try to wipe it, that may cause the finish or the paint to get damaged. Simply tap the wet part gently until it’s dry enough.

While they do not require any special kind of maintenance, you should be careful on where you place it and how you clean it. Make sure you don’t use any abrasive cleaning products on it, just wipe it with a dry cloth (be specially careful with the teeth), or even better, use a gentle cleaning duster. Do not attempt to clean or wipe the dragon with an excessively damp cloth and don’t rub its surface either. If it gets too wet, the paint may get damaged and the skin might deform. Also bear in mind that even though I use high quality paint and varnishes, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may make the colours fade.


Big no no. Given the main structure of the dragon is paper and cloth, the dampness would make it deteriorate quite quickly. It would lose its shape and even maybe grow mold, aside from losing its colour slowly due to the exposure to direct sunlight! I’m afraid these are indoor-only dragons!

I wouldn’t recommend it. Dragon teeth tend to get stuck in everything, so you’d end up with a hole in your jumper and the dragon could be damaged. Besides, the trophies have an “ugly” side that is not visible when they’re hung. However, chances are those ugly parts could be visible if you place them flat on a low surface.

Absolutely! It would actually reduce the cost quite a bit too! Also I would love for you to send a picture back to me once finished, but we can discuss that when you email me.

It’s normal. I use glow in the dark Fimo because it has a nice bone-like colour. Also think, this way, when you wake up for a midnight snack you won’t smack your head against the trophy!

I happen to love most human celebrations and I find coloured lights fascinating. That’s why my Christmas tree stays there for approximately nine months a year (to the surprise of most guests and inspectors, hah).


An old steel dragon hailing from another plane. She's been living among humans for a while now, learning about them and using her artistic talent to make recreations of relevant draconic figures from her homeland. Her aim is to teach humans about her kin and learn about them in return.